Trick-Or-Treat! Bella: Thinking Outside the Box

2 Days until Halloween!

It’s not too late to get to the store and purchase any of our Halloween Seasonal Items like our 18G Solid Black Tote with Orange lid or the 40QT Clear Tote with Orange Locking Lid/Black Handles! These are perfect to let your Trick-Or-Treaters see their candy options clearly! <– See what we did there? (:

Here at Bella, our crystal clear 6Qt. Shoe Box turned Candy Dish is all that’s left of the Halloween treats! How are you using Bella Storage Solution Products?

Trick-Or-Treat! Bella: Thinking Outside the Box

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7 Easy Tips To Keep Your Room Clean & Organized

Check out Tips #3 & 4 from this great blog post about keeping your room clean and organized!
–Hint, Hint! Our 70QT & 36QT Under Bed Storage Totes with 360-degree Swivel Wheels pairs perfectly with her advice! 🙂

Lessons in Adult Life

While I admittedly am in a learning process when it comes to cooking, cleaning is my specialty. I come from a family of neurotic neat freaks. I’m that girl who has one shirt on the floor and apologizes for the mess. My roommates think I’m nuts, but really they should thank me because I do all their dishes. It’s a hard life, but someone’s gotta do it.

Now, I wasn’t always this way. I definitely have to thank my parents for the clean gene, but last year around this time my room was so dirty you couldn’t go in it. Seriously. I would pretty much just spend all my time in the living room and only go to my room to sleep. Now, it’s a haven! Using these seven easy tips, I have managed to keep my room clean almost 100% of the time.

Step 1: Wash your sheets at…

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Why It’s Important To Get Organized & Stay Organized

In the busy lives we all live, we often find that our fast-pace lifestyles don’t allow us get organized and more importantly, stay organized. We discovered an article on Good Housekeeping that discussed the health benefits that come with living an organized life. It highlights the studies of Lorie Marrero, who is a professional organizer and creator of the Clutter Diet. These benefits include the following:

  1. Reduced Financial Stress
  2. Minimized Personal Conflicts
  3. Increased “Me” Time
  4. Fewer Missed Medications
  5. More Time For Exercise
  6. Better Diet
  7. A Healthier & Cleaner Home

For all of us at Bella Storage Solution, we understand that disorganization creates unnecessary chaos and clutter that can prevent one from truly enjoy life as if comes at them. Marrero makes a valid point when she says, “Disorganization steals time and energy because clutter represents delayed decisions and actions — it is a visual form of procrastination.” By tending to the things that bog us down on a regular basis, whether mentally or physically, we open up a world of opportunities that are waiting for us.

Do you have piles of bills that need to be sorted, paid, and sent out? We have desktop organizers that are perfect for sorting mail, bills, etc. as they come in rather than letting them accumulate! These desktop organizers are ideal, especially if you find yourself limited on space.  We love the idea of going the extra mile and getting a label maker!

Bella Storage Solution - 5DR Tower

You know those moments when you put something down just anywhere that it doesn’t belong because you don’t know where to put it? Having designated places (labeled ones are even better 😉 ) to prevent you from having the pitfall of starting a new location of clutter! We have a complete line of quality storage totes to help you designate places for your shoes, like our 70QT or 36QT Under Bed Storage Tote with 360 degree Swivel Wheels! When you get home & kick your shoes off, place them in these highly functional and convenient organizing tools that can easily roll out from under your bed! Just like that, you have a clear and clear hallway, mud-room, etc. Our variety of sizes and colors in our storage totes gives you the flexibility to organize what you must; Closet space to Garages, to sheds, etc. The possibilities are endless with Bella Storage Solution.

Remember, it’s the little actions that create the greater impact when it comes to tackling the task of getting organized! Getting overwhelmed with the idea of organizing will stunt your motivated to get organized so chunk it up. Segmentalize your week days and weekend with assigning a task or two to plug away at your organizing projects. Sure enough, you will be on the fast track to reducing clutter and breathing easy! There you go, start with taking a deep breath. Breathe in….Breathe out. Breathe in….Breathe Out. You can do this! Let us help give you the confidence and motivation you need. Our products are of the highest quality and clarity with the most vibrant colors in plastic. Bella is your organizing and life solution.

Welcome us into your home and watch your spaces transform!

Bella Thinks Pink – “Because Strong Women Deserve A Ribbon”

@BellaStorageFMHere at Bella Storage Solution, we are as enthusiastic as ever when it comes to promoting our line of CLEARS Locking Lid system totes. With a focus on our newly developed 36QT Under Bed Storage Tote with 360-degree swivel wheels, specially featured with a Cleartint Pink lid, we are striving to do our part in spreading awareness about breast cancer throughout the month of October. For every new person who “Likes” our Facebook page, we will be donating $1 up to 2,000 Likes and $5 for every post of our product in use up to 100 posts! We first started thinking outside the box—pun intended—when we brought forth our 70QT Under Bed Storage Tote with swivel wheels. The response was positively overwhelming with encouraging feedback and got its confirmation when it placed as a Finalist in the 2013 Housewares Design Awards.

The 36QT Under Bed Storage Tote fits perfectly under a twin-size bed. You can now place two of them side-by-side under the bed rather than one long, full-sized tote. This newly available size is easier to maneuver for children and senior citizens. It nicely fits reams of 8.5”x11” paper. College students living in dorms, apartments, or at home will find this to be a room essential with its perfect function to store books, living supplies, and clothes. The 36QT Under Bed Storage Tote is ideal fororganizing and storing seasonal decorations as well as gift bags, bows, and ribbon! With the transition from one season to the next, we all know we need a solution to keeping our boots and flats clean, neat, and organized, so let’s capitalize on the Bella Storage Solution 36QT Under Bed Storage Tote’s versatility and find use for it here! Bella Storage Solution-36QT UB Locking Lid WHEELS-TU TU PINK-ClearTint Lid Hi-Res

All Bella Storage Solution products feature the highest quality, state-of-the-art clarity, the most vibrant cleartint colors, and graceful curved corners making them more attractive than boxy, standard containers. Their innovative, ergonomic locking handle system ensures that all lids are securely on and that they are fast and easy to open and close without putting stress on hands or fingers.

All Bella Storage Solution products are proudly made in the U.S.A.!

Visit our Website’s “Where To Purchase” Feature to find stores in your area selling Bella Storage Solution products!


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